What to Eat at Roasted: Pastrami Hoagie

Pastrami Hoagie

Pastrami. Seems innocent enough, until you taste it. Pastrami is beef that is brined, partially dried, seasoned with various herbs and spices, then smoked and steamed. That’s a lot to do to beef, but when you taste Roasted’s pastrami sandwich, you’ll bless the genius that came up with this concoction. We grill the tender beef in it’s natural juices and seasonings with crisp onions, melt cheese all on a soft, toasted hoagie bun. Mayo is spread throughout the sandwich, which is then topped with pickles and mustard.

You wonder if you can trust a restaurant reviewing their own food? We understand, but we love our food so much it’s hard not to brag when we make something right. We encourage you to come in and try our pastrami sandwich. It is definitely something special; a sandwich you will never forget!

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