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Steak Kebob- Saffron Rice- Seasoned Vegetables

Steak Kebob- Saffron Rice- Seasoned Vegetables

Four years after opening as a coffee shop and event venue, Roasted Café and Lounge has transformed into a Mediterranean dining experience.  There is a new step towards growth for the business, now that Roasted Café is serving dinner Wednesday through Saturday from 6 pm to 9pm. Diners can choose from a wide variety of authentic Mediterranean food with Egyptian inspired flavors to enjoy.

The idea of adding dinner service, was the decision made by Mercer University alumni Nicholas Rizkalla, partner and general manager of Roasted Café, to keep up pace with the growth of downtown Macon.  “Things that have been going on have definitely affected business,” explained Rizkalla, “Like these Cox Capitol Theatre sell out shows are helping. This has been a huge success to Second Street. Finally, we are moving, and I know that more things are coming and we are excited about that.”

The dinner menu features items such as the Chicken, Steak or Lamb Kebabs served on a bed of saffron rice with seasonal sautéed vegetables. Another option for diners is the Rosemary Honey Mustard Chicken. It is grilled chicken tossed in a homemade Dijon honey mustard and rosemary, also served with a bed of saffron rice and sautéed seasonal vegetables. Along with the new food choices, customers can still order a few of their lunchtime favorites off of the dinner menu.

“What we do differently is that we get all of our spices, down to the oregano -we bring in from Egypt. It gives it that unique taste and flavor,” said Rizkalla, “Everything is going to be Mediterranean infused –We have our own blend that we put together, and it all will have that fusion.”  The spices are imported directly from Egypt, as well as the Hibiscus blend grown specially for their deliciously refreshing Hibiscus tea.

In addition to the new meal options, the wine and beer menu has also been revamped. “We have a new beer and wine menu, with an extended wine list. Before we only did a couple of house wines,” Mr. Rizkalla explained. Now Roasted Café and Lounge offers over 13 wines and champagne, and over 24 beers and cider to choose from. The new offerings include crowd favorites like an Organic Chocolate Milk Stout, by Sam Smith, as well as the crisp and refreshing Tropicalia, by Creature Comfort.

Along with the changes to the dinner menu, Roasted is also changing the way they host events. “We will start to stick to the food side of things and music will just be an added bonus.”The goal will be to focus on the dining experience for customers, while having acoustic artists or a light DJ for the dinner crowd. “We’re not going to do events like we used to. We will start to stick with the food side of things and music will just be an added little bonus,” Rizkalla explained. Be on the lookout for upcoming events such as their monthly Disco Lunch with DJ Shawty Slim, every first Friday of the month.

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